Friday, October 22, 2010

Do You Need a Muzzle?

Today I spent the day with my friend. We went clothes shopping and then on to Costco. While enjoying our greasy pizza and all too bad for you hot dog our conversation turned to an event that had happened to her that morning.

My friend was at her child's school and was holding his half eaten breakfast in her hand.That morning she had made him a "pancake on a stick", a piece of sausage with a pancake wrapped around it. She was taking his leftovers back to her car when a mother looked at her and said "corn-dogs for breakfast?" The tone was a not so kind, I am appalled at what you are feeding your child tone. I am sure many of you who have children know the tone I am speaking about. My friend graciously said " Nope it's a pancake on a stick." I am not sure I would have been so gracious.

Her story reminded me of a story of my own. When my son Caden was a year old we were vacationing in Pagosa Springs. It was a beautiful July day and we were headed to play miniature golf. We loving sun-screened him up and headed on our way. He was a bald baby and no hat would ever stay on his head because he hated hats. We were getting out of our car to go play our game when a lady screams out from her car " You better get a hat for that baby!" Are you kidding me I don't know you and you are yelling your criticism at me? My husband was with me that day. My husband is a wonderful guy. He however will not tolerate two things in this world. He will not tolerate his wife being disrespected or his children being treated poorly. This poor ladies comments did not go over well with him. Without missing a beat he yells out to the ladies husband "I think you need to get a muzzle for your wife." I am sure his response was not the most appropriate Christ-like response but I loved it!

I am so tired of how we mothers treat each other. We all have our opinions and so many days we think it is our right to let everyone know what we think. I too have struggled with this. I think I struggled with this more before I had children. I believe wholeheartedly that God gave me my first born to humble me. It has been a painful process. I try to remember that generally speaking I don't know what is best for other peoples children. God did not give me their children. He gave their them!

I was broken for my friend. Her life has been less than pleasant over the past year. I think she is doing a terrific job just getting out of bed and getting her child to school on time, with a lunch and homework done. I wondered if the lady who questioned her breakfast choice knew my friends story.

I do catch the irony that I am writing about my opinion. I understand that we all have opinions and at times those opinions are valuable. However, I just wish we would all be a bit more careful and remember that we might need a muzzle and not a megaphone!