Thursday, September 20, 2012

I don't have to scrub my baseboards anymore!

I am quite certain all of you are super excited to hear that I have finally come up with a "chore system" in my house.  Am I rocking your world yet?  Here is the's actually working.  It is simple, I can keep up with it, I love it and most importantly I am not scrubbing my baseboards anymore!

So since this has taken me nine years to figure out.  I thought I would share it.

Step #1:  I created a list of chores that my children must do every week.  Their chores range from taking trash out to making their beds.   They are not paid for these chores.  I explained that some chores get done just because they are part of a family.  I don't get paid to do the laundry.  However, when I work an additional job outside of being a wife and mom then I get money for those duties.

Step #2:  I made these:  I purchase these little magnetic bins that hang on my fridge(Dollar Tree).   Each child has a bin with clothes pins attached to it.  On the clothes pin I put a "job" with a value on it.  IF their family chores are done then they can earn money for the additional "jobs."  The beauty of this is I can look around the house and simple write down what is dirty at that moment. They can earn up to $5 per week.  Jobs range from .50 - $2.00 depending on the difficulty. When they have completed their job they take the note and put it in the bin so I can pay them.  They will receive their paycheck  every two weeks.

 Step #3:  I get this.  A child working hard on vacuuming all my stairs.  Look there is even a smile!

Step #4:  Payday we have them give 10% to God, 10% to savings and the rest is theirs to spend.

I know this is a silly blog post. I have struggled to find the right system.  I think this is going to work for my family.  Maybe you can't tell but.....I am super excited that I don't have to clean my baseboards anymore!