Friday, February 11, 2011

Starbucks is Jesus!

I know you are all thinking that I am about to rave about how I love Starbucks. You may think I am about to recite my favorite beverage in such a fashion that it seems as though I am singing a song. Well friends I have news for you, I really dislike coffee. I probably have only spent about $20 at Starbucks in my whole life.

A friend of my friend recently and very unexpectedly lost her husband. He died tragically in her arms a few days before Christmas. She is a very eloquent writer and I have been following her blog as her words have given me so much insight into the heart, soul and emotions of someone who is recently widowed.

Today her blog was amazing. As a writer she frequented Starbucks. She spent many hours there writing and working. After her husbands death she went to write at "her" Starbucks and told an employee her story. She explained to him that her husband had died and there were very few places she could go but she could come here and feel safe. She thanked the employee. Several days later she returned to "her" Starbucks with her children, she spent time playing games and talking about their Daddy with them. A third time she returned to "her" Starbucks. The manager pulled her aside and told her I have something for you, she returned with a bin filled with games, crayons, toys etc. The manager explained that she knew how hard it is just to get the two children out of the house and wanted her to know that this bin would be at "her" Starbucks just for she and her children. "Just ask any barista to get it for you, they all know who you are and that it is just for you." Amazing!

So for those of you who love Starbucks, here is yet another reason to support them. Starbucks is Jesus.

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  1. Thank you Joy- it is such a blessing to her and such a blessing to me to know that you are praying for us!