Wednesday, August 8, 2012

One piece missing!

Today I watched my three-year old put together a puzzle.  I literally watched her for about ten minutes without her knowing I was spying on her.  As a former preschool director I have literally watched hundreds of kids put together puzzles.  Today however, I watched with total amazement as my little girl put the puzzle together.  She was so focused, so driven, so cute!  

Each time she would grab a piece to place into the puzzle I would have a dialog with myself.  "No honey not that piece" or  "sweetie, turn it the other way."  It took everything in me to keep my mouth shut.  I was equally moved each time she fit a piece correctly. I wanted to shout that's my girl.   I had to remind myself to not say anything or the moment would be ruined.  

As she neared the end of her puzzle, all forty-eight pieces (yep, she is a genius).  She realized there was one piece missing.  I saw the frustration, the panic as she looked for the piece.  Again, I wanted to jump in and help her but I waited.  In total disappointment she came to me. Here is our conversation 

"Yes, Brielle."  
"I did the puzzle." 
 "Oh baby, I see you did do it.  It is amazing."  
"But Momma, it is missing a piece."  
"Yes, it is honey. I am sorry about that." 
 "Momma, do you know my puzzle was very hard to do?" 
 "Yes, I saw you working very hard on it. It looked tough."  
"Why is there a piece missing?' 
" Brielle I am not sure. Why do you think it is missing?"  
"Because I am not allowed to see the whole picture." 
"Why aren't you allowed to see the whole picture?"  
"Because I need you to help me find the missing piece."

Oh I know this conversation is not profound.  However, it struck me.  Lately, I have felt like my life is like a puzzle but it is missing pieces.  I have felt frustrated and panicky and even disappointed.  I want all of the pieces to fit together to create a beautiful picture.  I have worked hard to put the puzzle together.  Really hard!  I want the reward of seeing the completion.  

God is so gracious to me as He shows me His love through a silly puzzle.  You see as I have put together the puzzle of my life.  He has lovingly watched.  He allowed me to make mistakes and rejoiced with me when I got it right.  Today however, He just needed to remind me that without Him I am just a puzzle with one piece missing. He is all I need to complete my puzzle!

Proverbs 3:5-6 

Trust in the Lord with all your heart
and lean not on your own understanding;
in all your ways submit to him
and he will make your paths straight.

P.S.  I helped Brielle look for her puzzle piece.  We found it and it made a beautiful picture!


  1. This is phenomenal and I think QUITE profound. Especially this line from Brielle:

    "Because I am not allowed to see the whole picture."

    It reminds me of how as God's children, we always want to know MORE, to know WHY, and to know HOW He's working things out in a given situation. We want to understand how all the pieces fit together when they don't for us. We want to know where the missing pieces are and how or when He will bring them our way.

    And often times He shows us, in time, and helps us complete the current picture. But there are some pieces that may forever this side of eternity remain under the proverbial "eternal couch", for whatever reason. In those times, we have to trust He is working and one day He will reveal the pieces and we'll see the completed image.


  2. This is so beautiful!

    I really needed to hear this message today.

    I have been getting anxious to make changes in my life only to hit a wall.

    Wondering what God has planned for my life.

    Yes at times I get anxious to flip ahead in the book to see what is going to happen.

    God does not allow us to cheat like that....

    Thank you to you and Brielle for being the tool that God has used to talk to me through!