Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The $23.72 Birthday Party

Aubrey turned five on July 5th. July 5th is a very difficult birthday because generally no one is in town. We decided that we would just do a small family birthday for her. Aubrey however had other plans. All though we had explained our plans she was convinced that we were having a party for she and her friends. I really felt like Aubrey would be devastated if we didn't have a party for her. So a quick email to her friends and four of the five girls invited could come.

We however, didn't have the budget for a party. So my frugal mind started working. It would be a glamour party. I have nail polish, make-up and "girly" stuff. The reality of why I wasn't having a party was not because of her birthday date. It was because I was struggling with not feeling like her party would be adequate. I am not a person to "keep up with the Jones" but I honestly thought she would be disappointed. I was SO wrong!

After their pedicure they got new flip flops I made for their party favor.

The girls came and I gave pedicures and manicures while they watched a princess movies. We curled hair, put on make-up, ate cake and opened gifts. Aubrey was thrilled. She felt like a Princess.

Her cake decorated with rings another party favor!

I learned a valuable lesson. Don't assume what response your child will have. She told me later it was the "Best Birthday EVER!" She did say that she wished her cousins Kendra and Ashley were there but nonetheless it was still the best day ever.


  1. That is awesome, Joy! You've always been so creative on a budget! I had a similar experience this year. Because we are moving, I didn't really have the time for an all out birthday but because it was Preston's 10th, we wanted to do something. Well, we had an airsoft war (plastic beebee type pellet gun) in the backyard with 7 of his friends. They all came decked out in camo and had the best time! It was by far the easiest party I've ever done and Preston said it was the best. We also had favors on the cupcakes (little army men!) God provides for joyful occasions when we think outside the American ideals, right? So glad Aubrey enjoyed her special day. ~Katie

  2. My birthday is July 5th too! It really IS a tough day to have a birthday. Growing up, all of my friends were gone. We had some amazing unforgettable family parties though, that I wouldn't trade for anything in the world. I just celebrated 31 and you know what...it was family all the way. I'm so glad your party was a success. Sometimes, it's the small things that make a day so very special! Thanks for sharing.
    Brandie (way over here in AZ!)