Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Jesus Loves US!

If you have followed my writing for any period of time you know that this past year has been difficult for us. We know that God loves us but there have been days where we could use an extra reminder of His love because the trials have been so big.

This week at church our pastor asked us to either Thank God for His love or ask God to show us His love depending on where we were at in our journey. I can honestly say I am right in the middle. In the midst of our pain I can see God's hand and I know He loves us but I also can go down the the "Where in the world are you God?" trail. This week I did both I thanked Him for His love and I asked Him to show us His love in tangible ways. I told Him I needed to feel Him and be reminded of His goodness!

After we left church we decided to take our family out to eat. We pondered and thought about this decision. We looked at our coupons and we finally came up going to Red Robin. Ironically, we had no coupon but it was Aubrey's birthday celebration and it is her favorite restaurant. We are on a VERY strict budget so going to this restaurant is a huge luxury for us. We were seated at a table and waited and waited and waited for a server to come. It had been about 15 minutes and any family with a toddler knows you are always on borrowed time at any restaurant. We did the head nod, raised hand thing to the next person we saw who worked at the restaurant, it just happened to be the manager. The short ending to this story is he gave us our entire meal free. We were not angry we were simply letting them know that we didn't think anyone was assigned to our table. He said to us "We have a line item on our budget for meals that we give away, I like to give them to the nice people." I have a sneaking suspicion that God loves us!

The next day a friend of ours called us and said "I know you guys wanted a grill, I got one for you. " What? You got us a grill? This friend came to over to our house and brought us a grill he had gotten for us. He found the grill on Craigslist and it needed a few things done to it. He spent his time taking the grill to the car wash and cleaning it and he spent several hours trying to fix the ignitor switch on it too. He loaded the grill in his truck and brought it to us. Really? He did all that for us? I hope he realizes how much he blessed us! He was Christ in action!

I look forward to seeing what other ways God will show us His love. Mostly, I am challenged to see how I can look for ways to show others God's love for them!

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