Thursday, May 13, 2010

I love my man!

Today I had a very bad attitude as Carl left for work. It wasn't work I had the bad attitude about. It was the work retreat that he was going on for three days. I usually don't care about such things. Sometimes I even enjoy the time for just me after the kids are in bed. Today however, I didn't feel like letting my friend, lover, leader, co-parent and comic relief leave my side. I didn't do a good job letting him know that my heart is running on empty and I just want to have him with me.


I am grateful because today my husband is just a few miles away relaxing in the beauty that we call home, Colorado. He is able to text me, call me and probably can even read this blog. He is an amazing man. He is a leader, he is Godly, he is humble, he is mine.

I am sad that two young mothers today sit without half of their heart. I am sad that there is nothing that anyone can do to ease their sorrow. I am sad that God allowed two amazing husbands to leave this world far too soon.

So I take my bad attitude and put it into perspective, my husband will be home soon.

God help me to intercede for those who will never again feel their husbands arms, hear his soothing voice and watch him tickle their children. Help me to understand their needs. Help me to never take for granted every moment I have with the man I call husband!

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