Thursday, August 5, 2010

Go Away Yippy Dog!

I am so tired of grief. I have felt it, seen it and in a strange way I feel as though it has moved into my life and is trying to become a friend. I don't want this friend. It is like a little yippy dog who is constantly barking at my feet. I just want to kick it away!

This week I have walked through grief again. I have shared time with a grieving friend. I too am still grieving her loss. A friends father passed away and another friend of mine was diagnosed with what we think is a terminal illness. I am weary.

I am so confused with the sovereignty of God. Why would he choose to allow so many I love to grieve so deeply? Why would He allow me to grieve so deeply?

I know all of the scriptures of peace, hope and comfort. I want to feel the peace, hope and comfort. I know I love God. Why don't I feel the promises? Why am I wrestling with Him?

I have come to the conclusion that this is my journey. I must wrestle. I must struggle with understanding a God who has all the power in the world and in my humble opinion isn't using it very well(obvious sarcasm interjected here). Some may ask "Why would you continue to serve and love a God who is mean?"

Drum roll.................because.

Yep, that is my answer.

Because, I know He loves me.
Because, I know He knows the whole story.
Because, what would faith be without some tension?

Quite simply I must learn to love, serve and trust God even when I don't get Him. I can't put God in my box. I must allow Him to be God.


  1. Amen Joy!

    I so badly know what you are going through and unfortunately keep going through it daily. I guess God figures I am not listening well enough or I need the extra push!

    Well God, I have faith in you and I love you... but could I get a little rest before the next wave.

    Please take care Joy.... I know we are not real close but I am here if you need someone to listen.

  2. Dawn, sorry you can relate. Life is so hard sometimes. I will pray for you too!

  3. Very well said! Thank you for your raw honesty, it's always refreshing.

    One of my favorite things to remember is what you stated: that God does know the whole story from beginning to end. He is in charge of it, He is sovereign over it. I know I cannot understand what He is doing most of the time, but I am also aware that my children often do not understand some of the decisions I make on their behalf or with regards to their life. But I always make those decisions with their best interest at heart.

    I also often remind myself that without grief I would never know joy. I have found that sorrow has made me stronger and more compassionate. He is doing a great work in you and in each of your friends facing difficulties.

    Thanks for sharing your heart, Joy.