Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I made it to the door!

The backpacks are gone today. Today was the day I sent two kids off to school. I held myself together through the whole drop off time with the kids. I stayed strong acted excited and wished them great blessing on a fabulous first day of school. I walked out the front doors of the school and wept.

I didn't want my kids to leave. I loved summer and my precious time with them. We hiked, went to the zoo, went on picnics, we went roller skating, played in all sorts of water, had birthday parties and generally enjoyed each other. I loved having my kids all to myself. I loved sharing all of these fun moments with them. Caden wasn't sad to go back to school, he was excited. He was sad that our summer was over. WE HAD FUN!

I think most Moms struggle with this day. I think I may struggle more. Why? Great question! I certainly don't believe it is because I love my children more than other moms. I believe I struggle more because it symbolizes growing up to me. I have spent most of my adult life working with preschoolers. I get preschoolers. I understand how they tick and how to help them succeed in life. I have extensive training and education for children ages birth to five. I felt very equipped to be a mother of little children. I however don't feel equipped to be a mother of school aged children. I am nervous about this transition. Will I instinctivly understand their needs? Will I understand how to help them through the next major milestones in life like girls or boys "liking" them and friends being mean? Will I be smart enough to help them with algebra? I often say I chose preschool because I was really good at my ABC's and I only needed to count to ten. I don't know the answers to these questions but I know that God is my source and my stregnth.

So after I wept I came home with Brielle and read stories, watched Sesame Street with her and enjoyed loving her. This is the first time I have had the chance to see her without her siblings. She won't need to cry for my attention or become frustrated that the older kids are doing something she can't. I am excited to love her.

I will miss the kids. I will miss their laughter and their silliness. Mostly, I will miss that they will never be little kids again, they are growing up.


  1. Love this post, Joy. And understand what you're saying fully. I've faith in you that, no matter the phase or stage, your mother's heart so full of love will see you thrive...and them w/ you. Big hug!

  2. I can so relate. I feel like I am a much better mom to little ones than older ones. Dealing with little ones is physically exhausting. Dealing with older ones is emotionally exhausting. There are so many issues that arise where I just have to ask God for wisdom. I know how to change a diaper, deal with a temper tantrum, and cuddle with a baby.

    I don't feel very equipped to deal with all the older kid issues. Each kid is different which adds even more frustration to the mix. You are so aware of your children and their needs. You will know what to do when it is time. When you don't, ask God and the people in your life that are a step ahead. I wouldn't have lasted this long without those wonderful women who have gone before me!!