Friday, March 12, 2010


Carl and I have gone through an extremely difficult year including Carl being without employment for just over 7 months. It seems logical that we should have been distraught and angry. The truth is we grew more with the Lord and had so much peace that He was going to work everything out. We basically sat back and went on the ride.

We had every intention of staying in Arizona where we were living. I had a good job and Carl diligently looked for work there. He sent out resume after resume and NOT ONE call! We were confused because we had so many responsibilities in Arizona including a house that was and is worth a quarter of what we paid for it. I had a job that was very intense and required many hours. How could they fill my shoes(thick sarcasm interjected)? Oh and did I mention that my entire family lives in Arizona and we all lived within about five miles of each other?

We felt like God called us to pray every night for his guidance until He spoke. We poured our hearts out, our fears, concerns everything! We were exhausted. We so expected Him to answer in a day or two or three or even four. It was about day 15 that Carl said "I am too tired tonight." I agreed very quickly!(Good thing it wasn't 40 years) So Carl looks up and says "Hey God don't give me a dream tonight, don't speak to us we don't need to know what is going on." He knew God could handle his sense of humor and off to bed we went. I know you will be shocked but that is the night the Lord spoke. In a dream the Lord spoke to Carl. He said "the deadline for the interview in Colorado Springs is Sept 20something." (Carl couldn't remember the exact date but it was in the twenties). It was late August when he had this dream. Carl immediately poo-pooed the date. What we did believe was that God was calling us back to Colorado Springs. So Carl immediately began the job search in Colorado. We called David and Renee to let them know we were coming back. David mentioned CCB. So the week of September 20 something Carl was on a plane to Colorado and interviewing for two positions. Hmmm...the date did mean something! The story is much longer and much more involved but CCB is where Carl is currently working and loves it!

Carl packed his car and headed to Colorado on Thursday, October 22. He got there just in time for David's 40 birthday party on the 24th of October. He had the opportunity to live with David and Renee for about 6 weeks before the kids and I joined. Coincidence? I think not! God had a plan even in the midst of our chaos God knew we and especially Carl needed time with David.

We know God has brought us back to Colorado. We know there is so much He has in store for us. We are excited about our journey here and even in the midst of sadness and grief we are excited about what is next! If you are facing uncertainty(trust me ours isn't over) don't let the enemy take control. God is faithful!


  1. God is so cool that way. He works everything out if we just trust. I got chills when I read that Carl lived with David and Renee for 6 weeks....what a precious gift!

    I do have to ask, though, God couldn't remember the exact date or Carl couldn't ;-)

  2. So glad you're "blogging it out." I love hearing more of your thoughts on life.