Monday, April 5, 2010

The Charm of Charms

I have been writing frequently but I haven't been posting. Why? It seems as though everything I write somehow refers to David and Renee Hames. I have come to the conclusion I am using writing as a part of my grieving process. I know that for some of you the continuation of the saga may just be too much so you are fore warned.

Here is my latest story......

I had the privilege of going to a brunch to honor my friend Renee. When we were at the brunch we all gave her a charm for a bracelet and with each charm came an explanation of why we gave her the charm. It was a wonderful, tearful, joyful and deep time of true friendship.

I too have a charm bracelet full of charms given to me by my family and friends. Each day I have been wearing my bracelet to remind me to pray for Renee. I added to my bracelet the same charm I gave her as a reminder to pray for her. I chose to give her a small shoe to signify that the journey has just begun and that I will walk the journey with her forever.

The charm bracelet isn't the easiest thing to put on. It tends to fall off just as you go to hook it together. One day I was frustrated as I was trying to put on my bracelet. I was going to go ask Carl for help when in my head I heard "NO, don't ask for help do it alone." I really didn't think much about the "voice in my head(scary)." I just took the suggestion at face value and began to put my bracelet on each day without help.

On Sunday I went to church and Renee said to me "It's just the little things that are hard, like putting on this bracelet." In that moment I knew exactly why the little voice or in reality the Holy Spirit prompted me to not seek help with the bracelet. I am so thankful that in some small way I can really understand what she is saying. I can truly empathize with her. I too am struggling with the bracelet. So each day as I put on the bracelet and struggle my prayers are more directed. I pray that God would give Renee help with all of the little details. I pray that He would show her that He hasn't left her and He cares enough to prompt a friend to battle the little things with her!

God is a God of the details. Although many times in our journey called life we feel that He has abandoned us....He is still helping us put on our bracelet.


  1. Joy, I think of Renee and the boys often and continue to pray for them. I am so thankful that she has you to walk beside her in this journey. I have never met her or David, but my heart is so tied to them now that I continue along this path of prayer and plan to do so as long as is needed.

    PS...a piece of scotch tape across the bracelet to hold it to the wrist while you fasten the clasp is an old single girl trick I picked up along the way.

  2. Thanks for the practical tip! I will let her know! I know she appreciates all of the prayers. It is amazing how many people who don't even know them personally have been so touched and are continuing to journey with them by praying. I can tell you that she and everyone feel the prayers of many!