Sunday, April 25, 2010

Brielle vs. Toilet

Brielle is a very busy little girl! She stopped nursing at four months old because she didn't want the bother. After all, bottles and food were so much faster. She started walking around 9 months and at 18 months she can run circles around me. I love my Brielleeeeboo. My mom says that she is just like me.

She however, has been very difficult lately. Her idea of a good day is going into the bathrooms a million times to eat toothpaste, brush the toilet with toothbrushes, splash in the water of the toilet she eats markers, stands on the kitchen table and will pull out every dish from every cabinet regularly.

We have gotten very good at creating obstacles for her. Gates and locks are our friend. However, she still manages to find something that is dangerous or "off limits." I watch her mind race as we block off her ability to get to what she wants. Our attempts to keep her out of danger only give her more motivation to get what has been taken away.

I look at Brielle and think "Why does she keep going for things that aren't good for her?" I know that is what God thinks of me. Why sweet child do you continually try to figure out how to do the wrong thing? I guess just like Brielle I just want what I want. I know there will be consequences and yet many days I am still willing to take the risk and play in the toilet. I know Brielle will eventually learn that toilets aren't that fun. I hope I too will learn the toilet lessons in my life. I want to remember that God's boundaries are for my protection and because He loves me and living outside them just isn't that fun!

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